The department’s sub-prefect visited two companies on the Ancises estate

On invitation from Creuzier-le-Neuf town council, sub-prefect Jean Almazan visited two companies on Les Ancises trading estate for craft firms and SMBs.


IMG_PRESSE_02«It’s important for us to see there are ideas that can work in this somewhat dismal period,” said Almazan. Invited by Creuzier-le-Neuf’s mayor Leopold Nunez and his town council, the Vichy-based sub-prefect discovered two companies on Les Ancises trading estate—two companies whose business sectors couldn’t be more different.
CS3I. The first was CS3I, whose basic business is IT. It was founded by Georges Azevedo in 1988 to operate in the engineering computer field. In 1999, CS3I created its first software application in the healthcare sphere. This has since developed into one of this 45-employee company’s specialities.


A new man in charge at ACM

2014 is a year of change for the Creuzier company, which makes industrial machines and tools for the high-class leather goods business. On 6th February, after 20 years at the helm of Atelier Chastang Mechanique (ACM), founder Roger Chastang officially handed over the reins to Richard Silvestre.


Located on Les Ancises trading estate in Creuzier-le-Neuf, the ACM company has since 1994 specialized in the areas of general precision engineering and the manufacture of specialist machines. Its know-how is admired and acknowledged across a whole range of sectors but especially that of high class leather goods, to which the company dedicates much of its output. “We make special machines for limited distribution, for use on small production runs such as bag handle manufacture. The technology we have can be duplicated and adapted to other sectors, for example cosmetics packaging.”


A new departure for ACM, a company specializing in machines for leather goods manufacture

Founded in 1994, the ACM company builds special machines for the leatherworking sector. Richard Sylvestre bought out this 12-person company just a year ago. A successful career path and takeover for this 42-year old entrepreneur.

“ACM enjoys a good reputation for its riveters that goes back 20 years”. Richard Sylvestre, ACM’s new owner puts his finger straight away on the know-how of the company he bought a year ago.
But he is quick to add his own input: “We have developed these machines further by adding intelligence to detect whether the rivet is properly fitted.”
Since its 1994 founding by Roger Chastang in Vichy, ACM (“Atelier Chastang Mechanique”) soon started focusing on specific machines for leather goods manufacture.
The company, which moved to Les Ancises trading estate in Creuzier-le-Neuf in 2001, has employed up to 24 people at a given time. At the time, the exclusive leather firm Louis Vuitton was investing heavily in mechanization. In February 2014, when Richard Sylvestre took control of ACM, there were 12 employees.

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High-class leather goods in the Allier department: low-key know-how.

At the head of the company since founder Roger Chastang left in February, Richard Silvestre fully intends to make the most of the expertise acquired since the 1994 founding of this company, located in Les Ancises trading estate in Creuzier-le-Neuf. “ACM has just filed a patent for the first dyeing machine that does not overspill onto the leather surfaces. It’s the leather crafter’s grail!”

IMG_PRESSEDesigned and made by ACM staff, this new machine could indeed “revolutionize the world of leather goods by its proven ability to meet a long-standing need for accuracy.” Right from the early days, ACM set up stall as a builder of machines and special tools dedicated to leather goods manufacture. “Our main customers are LOUIS VUITTON, CHANEL, HERMÈS, and all their subcontractors in France and abroad. Each of their brands must comply with specific manufacturing criteria. Observing their specifications down to the last letter, our design office produces 3D drawings and we make the tools to bring their creations to life. It goes without saying that the missions entrusted to us are the subject of non-disclosure agreements that are an everyday feature of this very competitive sector.”