1. All-stainless materials.
  2. Variable rotary speed.
  3. Dye application by knurled wheel: development of 5 wheel types.
  4. Long arm allowing free circulation in the work area.
  5. Reservoir can be turned to face left or right.
  6. Reverse rotation possible.
  7. Drained dye recovery tray.
  8. Column with electric drive to adjust the machine height, enabling optimum accuracy and comfort of use.
  9. H-shaped stand fitted with swivel castors and brakes, making the machine easy to move around.


  1. No additional expendables.
  2. Large free circulation in work area; reservoir can be turned to face left or right.
  3. Very easy cleaning thanks to total independence between the reservoir and applicator wheel; changing colour is a breeze.
  4. No wear: the dye is in contact only with the reservoir and applicator wheel, meaning no bearings to change, and the materials used are all rustproof.
  5. No need for cleaning after application. The dye is applied cleanly and uniformly to the leather, leaving none to clean off and saving the cost of a wiping machine along with the time spent on its operation.
  6. Substantial material savings. The dye enters from above therefore no more is used than necessary.
  7. Also, since the reservoir is closed, the dye does not suffer oxidation over time.
  8. The rotation can be reversed to work in the opposite direction.
  9. The rotary speed can be adjusted so that the machine matches the operator’s handling speed.